About Us

Armstrong Township (Earlton), historically referred to as Temiscaming’s “Clay Belt”, originated as a service centre for a strong agricultural market. Today, Earlton still offers a variety of services to the sector.

As the “Dairy Centre” of Northern Ontario, Armstrong has attracted many immigrants, pioneers and entrepreneurs. Local enthusiasm has fostered investment in the town, which is host to a number of manufacturing industries and specialized service companies.

Located at the centre of the most fertile stretch of agriculture property in the “north”, Earlton has a population of approximately 1200. The Community fosters opportunities and relaxed lifestyle to its citizenry. Approximately 70% of the population is bilingual. Recreational facilities, public and private are minutes away from the centre of town.

Strategically located on Trans Canada Highway # 11, Earlton excellent bus and highway access as well as a private airport. Located just 6 hours north of Toronto (via automobile), the town is midway between North Bay and Timmins.

Earlton’s agricultural vista displays barley fields and stands of alfalfa patterned by tractors, cultivators and combines. Silos stand guard along highway routes stretching into the horizons.

“The Clay Belt” is impressive at any time of day. But come evening, it can be spellbinding, canola glittering in the blazing sunset.

Above all else, it is the dynamic spirit in Earlton that will impress you the most. Earlton will intrigue the “entrepreneurial spirit” and satisfy a “cultural flare". Come visit this unique community on Highway 11.