Our Story

The town of Earlton is located within the Township of Armstrong on Highway 11 some 30 km North West of Lake Temiskaming.

Earlton started out as a lumbering community. In 1900, a group of pioneers, mostly from York County in Southern Ontario, arrived in the area to cut timber.

A post office was established in 1904, and is still operating. The flat prairie-like land around Earlton attracted many farmers from Quebec, therefore French speaking families came to the area.

The name "Earlton" originated with Edward Albert Brasher, the postmaster, who named the settlement for his son, Earl. Armstrong Township was named for Sam Armstrong, MPP for Parry Sound, and was incorporated in 1921.

The Township of Armstrong (Earlton) is historically referred to as Temiskaming's "Clay Belt" and is known for a strong agricultural market and numerous manufacturing industries and specialized service companies.

We invite you to come and visit this unique community on Highway 11 located at the centre of the most fertile stretch of agricultural property in the north. It is the dynamic spirit in Earlton that will impress you the most.

For a little town we have a lot to offer you. Our recreational facilities include an arena with banquet hall, meeting hall, gym facilities and winter skating, ball park, swimming pool, and playground. The Township of Armstrong has it's own volunteer fire brigade. We also have a library with all kinds of books, movies and much more.