Living Here

The Township of Armstrong (Earlton) is a farming and industrial community centrally located in the District of Timiskaming. 30 km northwest of Lake Temiskaming and located in the fertile basin of land known as the “Little Claybelt”. As per the 2016 Census (2021 census should be released soon) the population is approximately 1,166 residents and 491 households.

In the early 1900’s early pioneers started to settle during the construction of the railway and forestry was the primary industry. A small new village started to take shape with a post office and general store.  The name "Earlton" originated with Edward Albert Brasher, the postmaster, who named the settlement for his son, Earl.

Armstrong Township was later named for Sam Armstrong, MPP for Parry Sound during incorporation in 1921.The first Reeve of the Municipal Council was M. Andrew Poupore.

The flat prairie-like land attracted many farmers from Quebec, creating a Francophone culture in the area. This fertile land has since put Earlton on the map as the “Dairy Centre of the North”. The strong agricultural market and francophone culture are proudly present today.

In early October 1922, scattered bush fires burning were united by high winds into a mammoth forest fire that swept 18 townships in the area. Several communities were destroyed leaving more than 5,000 people homeless. Snow and rain finally brought the blaze under control. A Provincial Heritage Plaque commemorates the Great Fire of 1922 and is located in a roadside park on Highway 11, about 3 km south of the Earlton Overpass.

In 1937 the Earlton Airport was developed as an emergency field on the Trans-Canada Airway and in 1952 a new 6,000-foot runway was constructed to serve as an emergency landing strip for fighters in the Air Defence Command.

The Canadian Pacific Airlines and Trans Canada Air Lines both made scheduled stops at Earlton on their way to Toronto and when these stops ended in 1973, NorOntair began offering scheduled service from Earlton Airport up until March 31,1996 when they terminated operations in order that private sector airlines could assume their routes. The airport continues to operate as the Earlton-Timiskaming Regional Airport under the Earlton-Timiskaming Reginal Airport Authority and although there is no scheduled passenger service available, it remains an important transportation link for the area. 

Hockey and Baseball are particularly favorite sports in Earlton. The Community is proud of local brothers, Rosaire Paiement and Wilfrid Jr. Paiement natives of Earlton, who first tried the sport in their hometown and moved on to become NHL hockey legends.