Municipal Services
Animal Control

Registration of Pets

Every owner of a dog or cat must register their animal(s) prior to January 31st each year.

Registration fees are $10.00 per calendar year for each animal if registered prior to January 31st. (With proof of spay/neuter)

Failure to register an animal by January 31st, will result in additional fees and penalties.

No person shall keep or permit in or about any dwelling unit or premises more than two dogs or more than three cats, provided however, that the combined maximum of dogs and cats together shall not exceed four.

By providing both registration and identification for our pets, we help to ensure their fastest and safest return home should they become lost in any emergency.

You will need to provide the following when purchasing an animal tag:

  • Name, physical address and telephone number of the owner of the dog or cat
  • Name of the dog or cat
  • Description of the dog or cat
  • Information about whether the dog or cat has a microchip implanted or has been tattooed
  • Disclose if the animal is a service animal, livestock, guardian dog or herding dog
  • Proof of spay or neuter
  • Tag fee

For further information or to file an animal complaint, please contact the Municipal Office.

To file an animal concern or complaint please submit a service request. For emergencies or matters requiring immediate attention please contact the OPP and follow up with the Municipal Office to ensure the matter is recorded.